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Money Making Ideas

Money Making Ideas

Welcome to the money making ideas section of Frugal A Lot Are you fed of working the standard 9-5 life. would you like to do something a little bit different? …

Messy Clothes Life Hack

Microwave Life Hack

Latest Pet Life Hacks

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dog life hacks

25 Dog Life Hacks

25 Genius Dog Life Hacks That Makes Having One So Much Easier If your dog eats too fast, there’s a hack for that. Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed 1. DIY a treat-dispensing …

Cat Life Hacks

Dog Bath Life Hack

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totally cool products

17 Totally Cool Products

17 Totally Cool Products That You Probably Haven’t Heard About With new products and gadgets coming out every day, it’s no wonder you probably haven’t heard about some of these. …

shower curtain life hack

Shower Curtain Life Hack

hair clip multi tool

Hair Clip Multi Tool

Boyfriend pillow

Boyfriend Pillow

Beard Bib Catcher

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small shoes life hack

Small Shoes Life Hack

Have you ever bought shoes that are just too small to wear? Well this small shoes life hack solves the problem. Simply put three pairs of sock on, and pop/ …

Bow Tie Life Hack

How To Prevent Your Tights From Laddering

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Microwave life hack

Microwave Life Hack

Cook Two Bowls In  A Small Microwave With This Amazing Microwave Life Hack If you have a small kitchen and an even smaller microwave, then you should know how much …

Stuffed Peppers Life Hack

Portion Size Life Hack

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resume life hack

Resume Life Hack

Are you struggling for inspiration to right the perfect resume? Then check out this Resume Life Hack which gives you are of the best buzzwords, fonts and phrases that employers …

15 Amazon Life Hacks

Ebay Life Hack

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Pressure Points Life Hack

Pressure Points Life Hack

Pressure Points Life Hack Have you ever been in a position where you are in pain, but you have no pain relief in the house? Then check out this Pressure …

White Teeth Life Hack

Tickly Throat Life Hack

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Home Depot Life Hacks

36 Home Depot Life Hacks

36 Home Depot Life Hacks To Make Your Life A Little Easier  When you shop at Home Depot with this strategy, you’ll never need to pay full price. So don’t start that …

Storage Life Hacks

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Messy Clothes Live Hack

Messy Clothes Life Hack

Are You Fed Up Of Messing Up Your Drawers Every Time You Look For A New Piece Of Clothing? Then Check Out This Messy Clothes Life Hack Are you sick …

Microwave Life Hack

Portion Size Life Hack

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packed lunch life hack

Packed Lunch Life Hack

Do you struggle to come up with ideas for your kids school packed lunch? Then check out this packed lunch life hack that gives you inspiration for a main course, …

24 Genius Parenting Hacks You Never Thought Of

Halloween Life Hack

Latest Social Life Hacks

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Balloons life hack

Balloons Life Hack

Create Your Own Helium With This Awesome Balloons Life Hack This really cool life cheat allows you to create your own helium is you need to blow up some balloons …

Shower Curtain Life Hack

Embarrassing Purchase Life Hack

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Vaseline life hacks

Vaseline Life Hacks

21 Life Changing Vaseline Life Hacks That Will Save You Money Vaseline is such a versatile product that can be used for a variety of different purposes. It is truly …

Glasses Life Hacks

Beard Bib Catcher

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handy man life hack

Handy Man Life Hack

There is more to being a man than watching football and eating steak, this handy man life hack gives you 5 essential tasks that all guys should know.  So here …

Straight Collar Life Hack

Latest Student Life Hacks

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Student life hacks

Student Life Hacks

Check out this amazing video that shows the 10 best student life hacks, if ever you need to draw a perfect circle or cheat for an  exam without getting caught …

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homeworking life hacks

Homeworking Life Hacks

Homeworking Life Hacks.  The Genuine, but sometimes stupid ways to earn money with your unknown talents If you type ‘ Homeworking life hacks’ into google you will be presented with …

Latest Crafting Life Hacks

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Halloween Life Hacks

With All Hallows Eve just around the corner, these 31 last minute Halloween life hacks will give you great looking things for a fraction of the price 1. Mummy Juice Boxes …

Halloween Life Hack

Recycle Old Car Tires

Latest Travel Life Hacks

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flat car battery

Flat Car Battery Life Hack

Check out this amazing flat car battery life hack that gives you an idiot proof step by step guide on what order to connect the wires to stop yourself from …

Police Scanner Life Hack

Phone Charger Life Hack